Consultancy Services

The Consultancy Services team offer a diverse range of services to the aged care industry. The team assists clients in a variety of roles that include:

  • Helping clients to meet compliance standards
  • Helping clients with an understanding of funding arrangements
  • Providing information about the unique regulatory framework of our industry
Areas we can assist our clients include:
  • Approved Provider applications;
  • Aged Care Approval Rounds Applications;
  • Annual Prudential Compliance Statements;
  • Policy and procedure review and updates;
  • Clinical competencies;
  • ACFI review prior to submission;
  • ACFI validation;
  • Gap analysis;
  • Consultancy – continuing advice;
  • On site education; and
  • Compliance assistance.


The team also has Locum DON services with extensive age care experience at a senior level to assist during periods of recruitment and compliance and mentoring of new senior personnel into the industry.

The team also conducts professional development through our popular workshop program. Workshops include:

  • ACFI – the fundamentals
  • ACFI – risk managing your claim.

More details about workshops, including online bookings, are available here.